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  With the ability to present text in multiple fonts and full color graphics in an attractive and easy to use manner, a customized World Wide Web (WWW) site is the ideal way to uniquely express your information to Internet users around the globe.

  A Web site can display product and company information to your audience. More elaborate sites can incorporate fully interactive elements such as information requests and database searches. You can also choose to use multimedia presentations in your site. These might be animated logos, sounds, or some combination.

  ScanType Corporation specializes in designing systems that are customized to meet your corporate image and on-line objectives. On staff and at your disposal are our graphic designers, html programmers and marketing consultants. We become your partner and bring to you a depth of expertise and experience in all aspects of defining and implementing your Internet presence.

  ScanType Corporation can oversee all aspects of your WWW project from conception to completion, including ongoing customer support. With our extensive experience in electronic publishing and paper-to-digital conversions, ScanType can provide valuable assistance with any phase of your project. We are happy to collaborate with those who want to "roll your own".

HTML Programming and Design

  Building a successful Web presence requires a comprehensive understanding of the constantly evolving HTML language that is used to display information on the Web. ScanType's commitment is to constantly monitor the new developments in the HTML language and other methods to design appealing and innovative pages.

  A good design does not necessarily showcase the latest WEB programming techniques, but rather a well-constructed Web site ensures that your information reaches its maximum audience intact and on target.


  While HTML is used to display information to the user, the wizards at ScanType can implement more advanced CGI programming features such as database integration. These interactive elements make a site more interesting, while also increasing its effectiveness.

Graphic design

  Since the Web is a fully graphical medium, high-quality images are an essential part of any Web Site design. ScanType designs and incorporates your graphic images, while giving special consideration to unique circumstances that exist on the Web. Downloading large graphic files can be a source of frustration to Web users; with your objectives in mind, we can design original images, or, modify your existing graphics for on-line effectiveness.

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