ScanType is an authorized reseller for Cardiff Software. Their flagship product, TeleFORM is now in version 4.0.

ScanType supports Teleform:

Sales and Installation
Post Sales Support
Forms Design

Form Design: The Teleform Designer is used to create and edit your forms.
Form Distribution: Once designed, forms may be printed, copied, or faxed.
Form Recognition: The Teleform Reader identifies and interprets the information automatically.
Form Verification: The Teleform Verifier is used to quickly review and edit forms that are illegible or mismarked.
Data Storage: Teleform stores information in the data format required by your database, spreadsheet or application.
High Volume Processing : Teleform is scaleable to any volume of  forms you may have.

"In connection with our paper-to-digital services, I was looking for an application to automate forms processing when I heard of Teleform. I visited their offices for a demo and I bought the product on the spot! Teleform is a remarkable piece of sof tware that is a sure-fire way to save on your data-entry costs. ScanType has been selling and using Teleform since version 1.0."
       -- Michael Brunson, CEO, ScanType Corporation 

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