ScanType Corporation

Our Paper-to-Digital Services Include:


  • "Faxed 'n Fast"™ Typing Service
  • Database Development
  • Forms Processing

Document and Image Management

Our document management services include:

  • Assistance in designing and purchasing of document management/imaging systems
  • Initial or "backfile" conversion (indexing and imaging) of your paperdocuments for inclusion on your system.
  • Complete text recognition for use with full text retrieval/search and other automation software.
  • CD-ROM production, including authoring, pre-mastering and duplication.

Call us at 1-800-300-SCAN or e-mail us at to discuss your specific interests.

Optical Character Recognition

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With Optical Character Recognition (OCR), fifty to 500 hundred page assignments are normally turned around inside of 24 hours. We offer next day service anywhere in the country when files are returned by modem or to your Internet, CompuServe, America On-Line, or Prodigy account and two day door-to-door service via overnight express services.

For OCR we can also work from faxes if the source material is a good quality print or photocopy and your fax machine is capable of sending in "fine" mode resolution. In this case we can provide same day service anywhere.

As part of our service we test your documents on various combinations of scanning equipment and recognition software to insure the highest recognition and accuracy rate possible.

For OCR, prices depend on the amount of correcting, proofing, or alternative formatting desired by you and the number and size of the characters. After our courtesy test scan we can provide a firm quotation. Prices for material that is bound and the binding cannot be broken will be more. However, we can arrange to have your books rebound after scanning. There is a fifty dollar minimum charge on all orders.

Typing Services

Whether your documents are typed, printed, hand-written, or are of poor quality, ScanType will type them for you into the file format and document style you want. ScanType offers fast turnaround and capacity. Normally, up to 200 pages can be typed and verified in one business day. Finished files can be returned electronically via e-mail attachments, FTP download, or by diskette and CD-ROM. Accuracy level is guaranteed. For smaller jobs, get even faster turnaround with ScanType's exclusive "Faxed 'n Fast"™.

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